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Environmentally Friendly Chain

Reliably high quality

No growth hormones

Swine in Brazil

Raised with Care

Seara is one of the leading and most reputable food producers in Brazil.

We are part of JBS Group-The World’s Largest Animal Protein Producer.

We operate:

  • 32 chicken slaughterhouses and deboning units. Producing approximately 4,2 million birds per day.

  • 8 pork slaughterhouses and deboning units. Producing approximately 21,200 hogs per day.

  • 20 Futher Processing units. Producing around 117,000 tons per month.

  • 13 Distribution and Export Centers.

  • 11 commercial offices around the world.

Seara sells to more than 120 countries around the world.


To be the best at what we put our minds to, focus entirely on our own activities, offering customers the best products and services, building solid relationships with our suppliers and creating value for shareholders and the opportunity of a better future for all our employees.

Our Beliefs

  • Focus on details;

  • Take a hands-on approach;

  • Our achievements are based on hard work;

  • The right person in the right place;

  • Passion for what we do;

  • Attitude is more important than knowledge;

  • Leaders must win their subordinates’ trust;

  • Lead by example;

  • Focus on results;

  • Work with people better than us;

  • Belief makes the difference;

  • Product quality.


  • Ownership attitude

  • Determination

  • Discipline

  • Availability

  • Simplicity

  • Sincerity

  • Humility


A robust Compliance program offers greater business continuity, support enterprise development and is an important asset helping to improve the medium-and long-term economic-financial results.


Seara is 100% committed to transparency. So check out our Annual and Sustainability Report.

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